Blessing in the calling

It’s been a long week. Anyone in healthcare will tell you that influenza is now widespread and running rampant. But, amidst all the craziness this week, the long days and the increased patient volumes, I am so thankful that God brought me through with my health in tact and still able to serve those who need it. Compassion is so necessary, and harder to extend when you are stretched to what seems to be your limit. But I have learned time and time again that, when I get to the end of my strength, God is standing there ready and waiting to take over. It is in those moments when I can only stand in His strength to make it down the homestretch that I remember that my job is not just an occupation — it’s my calling. It’s God’s gift at work in and through me that allows me to extend beyond my physical and touch people in ways I could never anticipate. I didn’t always feel blessed to be taking care of sick kids who coughed in my face and ran circles around me this week. But you best believe that when I got in my car, weary and spent, that I was grateful to have made it through another day successfully. I touched lives, made little people smile and giggle, and made teenagers laugh. I wiped noses and tears, counted fingers and toes, and, yes, gave a few shots. But these are my contribution to the Kingdom. And I gladly offer my gifts to the upbuilding and furthering of the Kingdom. It’s my act of WORSHIP.


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