The Search for Significance

I used to think that my sense of significance was based on how others saw me, whether they valued me, whether they believed I was of value, worth, and significance. I struggled through elementary and middle school to find my sense of significance and self-worth, until I learned to fight for myself. But, the truth is, I have struggled for many of my thirty years on this side of eternity to discover my center, my source of self-value and self-worth. Then, one day, the lightbulb came on.

I grew up knowing and loving Jesus, and knowing that He loves me. But I waxed and waned between total assurance and a shadow of doubt. But pain and trials often have a way of driving us to our knees, drawing us closer to our Creator. In my deepest, darkest hours, when I felt completely alone and unlovable, He found me. His love pierced through my darkness and spoke to my heart and soul. And now I know for certain — I AM SIGNIFICANT.

I am significant because I am the daughter of the Most High. I am created in the image and likeness of the One who created the universe. I am significant because I exist. I am significant because I am loved by the same God who spoke to the winds and waves. I am significant because my ABBA Father calls me by name. I am significant because I was uniquely created with gifts and talents to contribute to and further the Kingdom. I am significant because I am called and utilized to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world around me. I am significant because, when I go to work, I make a difference in the lives of the parents and children I meet. All of these things make me significant, make my life significant, and are the Source of my identity and my self-worth. God created me to be significant and valuable, priceless even, and that’s all I need to remember. That’s all any of us needs to remember in our own journey for significance.

Beloved, the most important moment in life is the moment when you realize and embrace just how much you MATTER to your Creator. Good days, bad days, sunshine or rain, it doesn’t matter your circumstances or your mood, you matter to Jesus. You matter to the Creator of the Universe. The same One who
breathed the stars and galaxies into existence is the same One who looks at each one of us with unconditional love and grace and mercy and redemption. YOU MATTER TO YOUR CREATOR. And so do I.


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