Faith or Football?

It’s an early Sunday morning and I am on my way to work. Riding in the car for 30-45 mins gives me a unique opportunity to be contemplative and converse with the Creator. His food for thought this morning: What if people had the same sense of loyalty and comradery about Him that they have for their favorite sports teams? Anyone who knows me knows that I am a diehard Ravens fan. And yes, I sat on the edge of my seat last night watching the game. But, those same people who know me to love the Ravens, also know that I love Jesus. Unequivocally. And, if I had to choose between the Ravens and Jesus Christ, Jesus would win every time. But isn’t that the choice we have any given Sunday from August to the first Sunday in February?? What service we attend is determined by what time the game starts Sunday afternoon. We sit antsy in service while Pastor So and So shares a word from God that we half-listen to, possibly missing a moment when the Holy Spirit wants to speak to you, but you won’t hear it because you are preoccupied with the upcoming game. What if we were as devoted to the things of God as we are to the things of man?? What if we were as excited about spending time with God as we often are about watching the big game? What if we were as knowledgeable about the work of the Kingdom as we are about the logistics of the game? When unfair calls are made, we get all bent out of shape. How upset are you when one of your brothers or sisters is treated unfairly in daily life? It’s past time for us to be tuned up and fighting for the Kingdom just as much if not more than we fight for right calls and good plays. So the real question is, who’s your QB???


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