Good Friday: The Divine Business Meeting

Welcome to the Boardroom, where the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all in attendance. Meet Jesus Christ, CEO and the one spearheading Project Restoration. We have a lot to do today, and the agenda is full. Please note that Jesus is deep in the trenches on earth during this meeting, in the process of carrying out His mission on the cross at Calvary. This means that there will be intermittent breaks for the humanity He has to bear in order for this mission to be carried out.

First, we must review the mission. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” (see Luke 23:34) Remember that forgiveness is essential to the success of the project. Without the forgiveness of sins, humanity cannot be restored into right relationship with her Creator. Let us all keep this at the forefront of our minds as we go through this meeting today before the final run.

Next on the agenda: Mary, Jesus’ earthly mother must be accounted for. Jesus will be returning to Heaven once the project is complete, so we must make sure that we leave her in the care of someone capable and faithful. Jesus nominates John, one of the sons of Zebedee, and his best friend. The motion carries – “Woman, behold your son!” (See John 19:26-27).

Looks like the meeting has Jesus parched. Of course, this business is being conducted while Jesus is actively being crucified, and we must continue to be aware and sensitive to that, even if the ones for whom He is giving His life are not. Jesus states, “I thirst” (See John 19:28). The meeting takes a five minute recess to observe the soldiers mock Jesus’ cry for a drink by offering a sponge soaked with sour wine (see John 19:29).

As the meeting resumes, Jesus conducts some redemption business while the process is still active. Here we are introduced to a young man who, by all rights and reasons, has earned his place on a cross next to Jesus. His criminal cohort who hangs on the other side of Christ, has taken to mocking Jesus’ divinity. The young man corrects his ambivalent companion, then makes a bold request of the Savior as He hangs on the cross, actively fulfilling his request for salvation and redemption. Jesus, in acknowledgment of his statement of faith, honors his request: “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise” (see Luke 23:43). This first act of redemption occurs concurrently with the ultimate Sacrifice of the Lamb of God for the sins of the world. It is proof that redemption and restoration are our prime directive here, and nothing gets in the way of that.

At this point in the meeting, it appears that God the Father must leave the room, because the sins of the world, past, present, and future, are now being placed on Jesus’ shoulders. This is something that the Father cannot see, and it garners a deeply human response from Jesus: “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?” (See Matthew 27:46). It must be beyond the comprehension of the human mind to consider what it feels like to be distance from a piece of your very being. The separation of a newborn child from its mother. The lost connection between a husband and wife. The disintegration of a longstanding friendship. Nothing could compare to the loneliness Jesus must be experiencing in this moment. The severing of this divine connection, although temporary, could only be classified as agonizing, amidst the hardest mission He would ever take on. In the garden of Gethsemane, He prayed that, if it was possible, God would let “this cup pass” (see Matthew 26:36-46). He knew this mission would be tough, and this moment proves it.

Jesus somehow finds the strength to draw the meeting to a close. Business has been conducted, issues have been addressed, and needs have been met. Jesus announces, “It is finished” (see John 19:30). The temple responds to this statement of finality of the old law being abolished, and the curtain is torn in two, top to bottom, signifying the success of Project Restoration. Every blood washed soul will have full access to the Father with Jesus Christ sitting at His right hand, continuing to intercede on our behalf. In final act of surrender, and to adjourn the meeting, Jesus’ last statement is uttered: “Father, into Your hands I commit my spirit!” And he breathes his last.

This concludes the business meeting that took place on Good Friday. On that day, Jesus did the necessary thing to make sure that we would never be separated from our Creator ever again. The debt is forever paid, and the restoration is available to anyone and everyone who seeks and accepts it, surrendering your life as Christ did, and embracing the divine inheritance that God offers to all.

It was, and will forever be, a GOOD FRIDAY.


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