The Gift of Christmas — the Miracle of Easter

Easter would not exist without Christmas. Christ had to be born in order to die. God bridged the gap, the chasm caused by sin in Eden, between Heaven and Earth, between Creator and Creation through the gift of Christmas. The miracle of Easter lies in the gift of Christmas. The process of the Son of God becoming the Son of Man is EPIC. Here He is, all-powerful, all-knowing, self-sustaining, and self-sufficient. He exists independent of time, space, and matter. He lives in an interdependent, interpersonal relationship within the Trinity. This God the Son, Jesus Christ, INTENTIONALLY CHOSE to leave all of that, lay it all aside, to encounter, embrace, and influence humanity in a way that uniquely bridged the gap between Heaven and Earth. He chose not to just be interdependent with the Creator, but with the creation as well. In doing so, He earned a unique purpose in Heaven, seated at the right hand of the Father — INTERCESSOR. True enough, He could have stepped aside and allowed humanity to continue to self-destruct. But, because God is LOVE, and abandonment is foreign and uncharacteristic of Love, He even chose to redeem and intervene. In the ultimate act of love, He gave all for the one He loves so much. Redemption and relationship were His modus operandi, and this, Beloved, is the Gift of Christmas. The beautiful, magnificent, empowering, loving gift of God as a helpless baby who came took off Glory and infinite nature, to become one of us, to experience and know intimately what is means to be human, and then to give that away in order to reopen the door to a deeper relationship with our Creator. This is the depth of God’s love for each and every one of us. Let’s share the Gift of Christmas!